Business Owners Will Be Getting Another Rebate Check From Ohio Worker’s Compensation

Just like last year, Ohio Governor John R. Kasich announced that there will be another rebate check sent to Ohio employers.  This years  rebate will be another percentage of the 2013 payments made by Ohio employers just like the checks received last year. If approved by the BWC Board of Directors, eligible private and public employers would receive a rebate equal to 60 percent of premiums paid … [Read more...]

Independence Day Celebration 2014

 We as a nation of independent and free people love our Independence Day celebration.  Every July 4th we have family cookouts, fireworks displays, and usually a day off for most of us. Another small group of Americans celebrate the day in a different way.  These are our countrymen who have served our country in some form of Armed Forces service.  Only those of us who made this decision and came … [Read more...]

Case Study – How to Communicate Effectively in Business

Situation: To say that business has changed in the last 10 years would be a wild understatement.  The internet is here to stay and so are all of the new devices, methods, and opportunities that come with it.  The biggest problem with all of the devices and capabilities is that they all combine to give instant access to anyone you want to reach, and it sets up the expectation of an instant … [Read more...]

Back to the Basics: NETWORKING

Networking is the number one way for you to obtain new clients, and if done correctly, have people referring you to their clients.  Networking allows you to see and be seen by those who are in business.  It is imperative that you make an effort to get out and meet those who will work with you, will refer you, or will provide service that you need for doing your own business. The basics of … [Read more...]

Save the Date! Jan ASBC Networking Event!

  Be sure to SAVE THE DATE for the next ASBC Networking Event on Tues, Jan 21st, 5:30-7:30 pm! ASBC is collaborating with The Business Network (TBN) for this special 'New Year' gathering of amazing professionals in the Greater Cincinnati area. We're also excited that Kemper Pond Office Park is hosting our first event in 2014! Please join us for refreshments, social networking and … [Read more...]

My Health Insurance Was Cancelled. Why?

Situation: A wave of canceled policies - primarily for people in the individual insurance market exchanges and whose plans are now considered sub-optimal under the new health care law's coverage standards - have prompted public outrage over the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) and toward the president who many believe broke promises to Americans that they would be able to keep their plans if they … [Read more...]

Navigating the ACA Website

          Situation: It is now common knowledge that the website for the new Affordable Care Act or ACA (also known as "Obamacare") has had its share of problems and difficulties since launching on October 1, 2014. How are our citizens that are directly affected by these difficulties supposed to cope with this new health insurance requirement? Analysis: The … [Read more...]

Independent Contractors versus Employees

States, the IRS and the DOL are focused on the classification of workers.   With permission from Jeff Matthews, CPA, CGMA         Thirty states have worker classification rules and they believe they are missing out on state income tax revenue and workers compensation fees.  They also believe that workers are being left uncovered for unemployment purposes.  These efforts … [Read more...]

Ohio Veterans Bonus

Veterans - apply now for bonus!   Directly from the the US Department for Armed Services is this memo below regarding bonuses available to veterans. Even if a vet has previously applied for this bonus, they must do so again in order to receive it!   Military service members from Ohio who fit the established service criteria may begin applying for an Ohio Veterans Bonus, … [Read more...]

ASBC Fall Networking Event! Save the Date!

On October 24, 2013, American Small Business Centers will be holding our quarterly networking event for the Fall at Creative Invites and Events (CIE) in the Reading Bridal District. This is not where we usually go for our networking events; however this is going to prove to be our best yet! Stacey Shiring is the owner of CIE and has been a client of ASBC since the beginning.  We have worked … [Read more...]