Pinterest and Engagement

I finally figured out why Pinterest has so much appeal. It hit me as I was eating chicken parmigiana (parmesan) with my family. About bite #8 I realized we had never had this in my home, so I asked where this idea came from. “Pinterest” was the one word answer along with the “you better say something nice fast” look. Being the seasoned husband I am I of course stated with great enthusiasm that … [Read more...]

What I Learned About Business From the Eclipse


The solar eclipse for 2017 is now in the record books, many pairs of sun viewing glasses will now be relegated to the back of drawers or the trash bin, and we have more photographs of this event than we have kitten videos on Facebook. However, I learned a lot about business and marketing as the sun was blotted out by the moon. Why were people so engaged in an event that actually could do nothing … [Read more...]

Ladies, You Can Do This! The book launch party celebration

After 3 years and many nights of interrupted sleep the business book was finally at the printers ready for production. This was never my real plan nor was it my dream. But as I continued to write, it became both. Let me take you back in time to the beginning of this journey. I was actually sitting in my office with no appointments that day, and I thought it might be neat to start writing about my … [Read more...]

We Live in the Disinformation Age

For a long time now we have been lead to believe that we are in the greatest age in history, namely that we are in the information age. We can look up anything with the touch of a keyboard, directions to the nearest sushi bar is available on your conversation device, and price comparisons are available in the comfort of your home instead of multiple visits to multiple stores. We have been lied to … [Read more...]

The Defeat of George Washington in 1754 and Business Today


Most people have heard of George Washington. His picture is on our one dollar bill, he was the first president of the then new United States of America, and he is credited with wining our independence from Great Britain.  What most people do not know is that he suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the British in 1754 that allowed him to actually win the war for independence. The American … [Read more...]

Worker Appreciation is not Rocket Science


We are facing a real uphill battle these days to find, train, and retain great employees. However, we do have a secret weapon we can use that is about as old of a technology as you can imagine. It involves the use of the yellow sticky note. Invented by 3M scientist Dr. Spencer Silver in 1968, the Post-It Note as it was called then has now undergone a renaissance of sorts with the patent expiring … [Read more...]

Being a Mentor is not for Everyone


I have often been asked how I make my living and exactly what is it I do here at American Small Business Centers. My reply is often edited to the person or audience asking me the question. I even wrote a book about this called “Ladies, You Can Do This!” which gives basic down to earth business advice and also chronicles ordinary every day women who run extraordinary businesses. The truth is I am … [Read more...]

The Magic of Marrying Video and Marketing

I am working with Stacey Sparks-Huff to market her new online wedding gown business, Belle Curvy Couture.  She specializes in plus size gowns, and has designed her own line of gowns that she is offering exclusively through her store and online company. One of the smart things we did was to hire digital marketing specialist, David Perleberg of Rep Empire, Inc.  He suggested we do a video of Stacey … [Read more...]

Web Site Vs. Web Presence

I was recently talking with a new client who told me he was going to do his own web site; now that was not the business he was starting nor did he have some level of expertise with web site development. I was - to say the least - unimpressed with his ego and skills. Here’s the deal. If you are going to be in a serious business then you need a serious web site. Period. There are a lot of do it … [Read more...]

What I Learned About Business Watching Super Bowl LI


Super Bowl Fifty One is now in the record books and has been correctly labeled the most spectacular Super Bowl to date. 24 Super Bowl records broken, and seven more tied. While it was the best cliff hanger football I have ever seen, I was reminded about the business lessons we could all learn from watching and enjoying this game. Lesson #1 –. Possession pays off The Falcons came out guns blazing … [Read more...]